BEST WORK provides qualified assistance with employment abroad for wide range of specialities. We offer various seasonal and permanent positions in EU countries.

We provide quick and responsive services that adhere strictly to all of the required procedures. Moreover, we realise that today prospective employees have to meet even higher standards of requirement, so our services include training in order to enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of individuals, as well as making sure that they are also issued with the certificates that they require.

Our employees are competent, intelligent, and friendly, and are ready and willing to help any client.
We are also eager to cooperate with other employers who value their time and rely on us when it comes to searching for the best candidates for any of their positions that need to be filled.

Our agency cooperates with the largest companies in Great Britain, Germany, and other EU countries that are interested in recruiting employees for various fields, from service personnel (warehouse workers, hotel employees, housekeepers, or bartenders) to highly qualified specialists (professors, doctors, software engineers, etc).

We employ EU citizens. We provide advice on proper CV composition as well as CV translations into English, German, and other languages; we also conduct an interview and prepare the candidate for the interview with the employer, help to purchase tickets for transport, and offer a detailed but inexpensive and convenient method of securing employment.

Each candidate can be sure that our company will help them to find their desired job with a competitive salary, whilst employers can be sure that we will find them the most capable employees.

You can view our employment licence here. Integrity and high levels of responsibility are the main guidelines in our business. To this end, we can guarantee that our clients will achieve their desired results. To make sure that you are included, please contact us.